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The complexity of new scenarios in the branch of the networks pushed the company to make important investments, in particular in terms of specialization of its employees, which is therefore able to to offer to the customers advanced network configurations, implementing the most important features, regarding also the security.

Following the international guidelines, we study, design, realize and maintain wireline e wireless networks. In particular, we are able to offer integrated solutions of:

  • LAN Network (Local Area Network); 
  • MAN Network (Metropolitan Area Network);
  • WAN Network (Wide Area Network).

Tecnit can make periodical vulnerability analysis of the network with the detection of the system weaknesses, implement security plans, management of the firewalls put as perimetrical or interla defense, fine tuning of antispam filters, provision of centralized antivirus solutions, systems of password management and provision of a global service in outsourcing of remote network management. 

Our technical staff acquired the most important certifications e qualifications expected in the branch: Cisco, Huawei, Aruba Networks, Townet, Microtik, Juniper, PaloAlto, Sice.

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