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Computer science and system engineering

Software development

System engineering


Computer science and system engineering

Software Development

Tecnit in the contest of our skills provides services of: 

  • Analysis and peresonalized software development;
  • Development of Web-Based Applications ;
  • Development of Client/Server Applications ;
  • Development of Multi-Tier Applications ;
  • Development of App for Android, Apple and Windows in native, hybrid and web-based mode;
  • Study, design and realization of websites and web portals with the usage of the most modern technologies and development metodologies.

System Engineering

In system engineering sector, we study, design and realize integrated virtualization systems with classic, cloud and micro-services architectures following the last international standards in both designing and executive phase. 

Our skills embrace all the main operating systems commonly used nowadays (Windows, GNU/Linux, Unix, Macintosh) and we constantly follow the development of the future ones (Plan 9, Plan B, Nix, Clive, etc..), in particular about what concerns cloud architectures

Our Team is able to provide support also for common activities such as backup, systems/data recovery, DB design, clustering, load balancing, system integration, etc…

Services and Solutions