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Project Iscol@


Project "Tutti a Iscol@"

Tecnit srl is succesful tenderer of 3 training projects at the schools of Ittiri, Oristano and Pirri relatively to the project “Tutti a Iscol@”.

The activity concerns the design and the provision of technological didactical laboratories, with the aim to promote the openness to the territory of the Scolar Institutions. Through extracurricular actions, there is the proposition to fight the early school leaving. 

Two projects have as thematic the coding and the forma mentis, the "unplugged" code, visual environments such as scratch, code studio and app inventor, introduction to programming languages, the web and HTML/PHP/Javascript/JQuery.

One project is related to the IoT with introduction to Arduino and to the programming in C language, sensors usable with Arduino and a series of activities which have the target of taking familiarity with these tools.